The Blue Empress – 14.00 ct.

This is an exceptional and extremely beautiful Diamond. It is a notable addition to the World of Natural Wonders. It is also known for its Ideal Symmetry, which is so rare among this class of diamonds. The Blue Empress is truly an Amazing Famous Diamond!

Gemological Info:

  • Weight: 14.00 ct.
  • Shape/Cut: Pear Shape
  • Color: Fancy Vivid Blue
  • Symmetry: Perfect (Excellent)

Mine Origin: De Beers Premier Diamond Mine (Now Cullinan Mine) in South Africa

Cutter: The Steinmetz Group of Geneva (Matis Vitrol – Master-Cutter)

Current Owner: Unknown

Last Sold By: No Report of Sale

Price Sold For: No Report of Sale – Necklace Valued at £10 Million (~ $17 Million) by Harrods in 2003


  • Mined at the De Beers Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa in the Early 2000’s
  • Polished Diamond Unveiled at Harrods Department Store in London in November 2003
The Blue Empress