The Cullinan I (The Great Star of Africa) – 530.20 ct.

This is an exceptional and extremely beautiful one-of-a-kind Diamond. It’s the largest White Diamond ever discovered. It is a unique, historical member of the World’s Natural Wonders. The Great Star of Africa is one of the most Amazing Famous Diamonds ever!

Gemological Info:

  • Weight: 530.20 ct.
  • Shape/Cut: Pear Shaped Brilliant Cut
  • Color: White
  • Measurements: 58.9 x 45.4 x 27.7 mm
  • Unut Rough Weight: 3,106.75 ct.

Mine Origin: Premier Diamond Mine in Cullinan, Gauteng, South Africa (1905)

Cutter: The Asscher Brothers (Royal Asscher Diamond Company)

Current Owner: Queen Elizabeth II (with the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom)

Last Donated By: Given to King Edward VII by the Transavaal Government on November 9th, 1907

Price Sold For: Given as a birthday gift


  • Mined in Premier Diamond Mine in Cullinan, Gauteng, South Africa on January 26, 1905
  • Bought by the Transvaal Government in 1907 on October 17, 1907 with the intention of gifting it to King Edward VII
  • Given as a gift to King Edward VII for his 66th Birthday on November 9, 1907
  • Collected by Abraham Asscher (for cutting) from the Colonial Office in London on January 23, 1908
  • First Split of the Rough made by Joseph Asscher on February 10, 1908
  • 9 Major Stones and 96 Minor Stones were cut and polished from the rough
    • The Cullinan I Set the Record for the Largest Cut Diamond in the World
      • As of 2018, it is still the Largest White Diamond in the World and Second Largest Cut Diamond of Any Color in the World
  • The Cullinan I & II were kept by the crown
    • The other Stones were given to the Asscher Brothers as Payment
  • The Cullinan VI was bought by King Edward VII and given to Queen Alexandra
  • The Cullinan III, IV, V, VII, VIII & IX (the other 6 Major Stones) and the Minor Cullinan Diamonds were bought by the South African Government in 1910
    • The Major Cullinan Diamonds were given to Queen Mary
    • 2 of the Minor Cullinan Diamonds were given to Louis Botha

The Other Major Cullinan Diamonds:

  • The Culinnan II (The Second Star of Africa)
    • A Rectangular Cushion Shape Brilliant Cut weighing 317.4 ct.
  • The Culinnan III & IV (The Lesser Stars of Africa)
    • The Culinnan III (The Lesser Star of Africa)
      • A Pear Cut weighing 94.4 ct.
    • The Culinnan IV (The Lesser Star of Africa {Also})
      • A Square Cut weighing 63.6 ct.
    • The Cullinan III & IV are worn together on a brooch and are know as “Granny’s Chips”
  • The Culinnan V
    • A Heart Shape weighing 18.8 ct.
  • The Culinnan VI
    • A Marquise Cut weighing 11.5 ct.
  • The Culinnan VII
    • A Marquise Cut weighing 8.8 ct.
  • The Culinnan VIII
    • A Cushion Cut weighing 6.8 ct.
  • The Culinnan IX
    • A Pear Shape weighing 4.4 ct.

These are the 9 largest stones split from the Cullinan Rough Diamond

This is a Replica of the Cullinan Rough Diamond
(Image from

This is a picture of Joseph Asscher using a hammer to make the first split of the Cullinan Rough Diamond

The Great Star of Africa in the Royal Scepter. It can be removed and worn as a pin or a pendant.
(Image from

(Image from

These are the 9 Polished Cullinan Diamonds
On Top from Left To Right: Cullinan II – Cullinan I – Cullinan III
On Bottom from Left To Right: Cullinan VIII – Cullinan VI – Cullinan IV – Cullinan V – Cullinan VII – Cullinan IX.

This is a Publicity photo of the Cullinan Rough Diamond being handed from Fred Wells (right) to McHardy, who then hands it to Sir Thomas Cullinan (left)
(Image from

The Cullinan I (Great Star of Africa)
(Image from

The Cullinan III & IV (Granny’s Chips) brooch
The Cullinan III (94.40 ct.) is below and the Cullinan IV (63.30 ct.) is above
(Image from

(Image from

The Cullinan II (Second Star of Africa) is set into Elizabeth II’s Imperial State Crown of Britain
(Image from

The Cullinan II (Second Star of Africa) weighs 317.4 ct.
Although it is usually in the British Imperial State Crown, it can also be worn as a brooch using the two tiny platinum loops seen in this image.
(Image from

A brooch containing the Cullinan VI (11.5 ct. -bottom) and Cullinan VIII (6.8 ct. – top)
(Image from

This image contains both the “Granny’s Chips” brooch and the Delhi Durbar Necklace.
The Cullinan VII (8.8 ct.) can be seen hanging from the Delhi Durbar Necklace.
(Image from

Cullinan 4

This ring is known, fro obvious reasons, as the Cullinan IX ring. The Cullinan IX weighs 4.4 ct.
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