The De Beers Millennium Star – 203.04 ct.

This is an exceptional and extremely beautiful one-of-a-kind Diamond. It’s the Second largest D-Flawless Diamond ever discovered. It is a unique, historical member of the World’s Natural Wonders. The De Beers Millennium Star is one of the most Amazing Famous Diamonds ever!

Gemological Info:

  • Weight: 203.04 ct.
  • Shape/Cut: Pear Shaped Brilliant Cut
  • Color: D
  • Clarity: FL
  • Uncut Rough Weight: 777.00 ct.

Mine Origin: Mbuji-Mayi, Zaire (Alluvial Deposits)

Cutter: Steinmetz Diamond Group

Current Owner: De Beers Group

Last Sold By: N/A

Price Sold For: N/A (Supposedly Insured for 100 million English pounds)


  • Discovered in alluvial deposits in Mbuji-Mayi, Zaire in 1990
    • Set Record for the 6th Largest Gem Quality Rough ever discovered (777 ct.)
  • Purchased by De Beers Group in the mid-90’s
  • Cut by the Steinmetz Diamond Group
    • The cutting process took over 3 years
    • Set Record for the Second Largest D-Flawless Diamond in the World (203.04 ct.)
  • Displayed with the De Beers Millennium Jewels in the London Dome in 1999
  • Displayed at The Splendor of Diamonds Exhibit in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. in 2003